About Me

Welcome to the About Me page.

My name is Al.

I am a boomer! To be more specific, I am a baby boomer. Wikipedia defines Baby boomers as “people born during the demographic post–World War II baby boom, approximately between the years 1946 and 1964. This includes people who are between 51 and 70 years old in 2016”

I am like you. I grew up and went to high school during the Vietnam war. I served 2 years in the Army and was Honorably Discharged. I finished college by working at night and going to school during the day using the GI Bill.

Nine years ago, at the age of 54 and after working for the same company for 30 years, I retired to spend time with my family and pursue other interests.

My interest’s range widely, but one of my real love and passions is writing. I was the monthly editor of a company magazine and I have often posted to different blogs and forums. Motorcycles, boats, cigars; you name it. If I had an idea to share, I posted it.

At two different times, I posted to my own blogs. One was regarding a trip I took to Uganda and another was about my view of the world. They weren’t prolific posts or blogs but I enjoyed writing and the thrill of posting was undeniable.

I started this blog to create a forum for myself and other Baby Boomers regarding the world we live in. We have another 2 – 3 decades to live and while our economic and social impact have been big so far, I feel it’s only the tip of the iceberg.