Not much choice

There has been a lot of discussion about the two candidates and the general feeling of hopelessness that many voters feel. I am one of those that feel like we are in for a tough 4 years.

Donald Trump is scary to me:

Taxes – I dont think he is a genius because he (apparently!) hasn’t paid taxes for the past 18 years. I think he used the tax code to his benefit. We all do it and that’s ok. But if there were no issues, why not release them for view? Is he afraid that others might view him in a different light?

His off the cuff mockery of a disabled journalist –  What does it say about a presidential candidate that mocks someone with a physical handicap while on a podium in front of a large crowd? Clearly not the sort of person that I want to be our next president.

His attacks are personal –  He has a history of being a bully when criticized and I fear that he will alienate other world leaders. I fear that we as a country will suffer if Trump pisses off a foreign leader. War? I don’t know,  but I don’t feel he is stable when it comes to his decisions when he doesn’t get his way.

I don’t trust Hillary Clinton:

She is untrustworthy

I believe that she lied about the attack in Benghazi and I believe that she hid emails that were received on her private email server. Apparently there are over 30,000 missing emails. What happened to them? Why did she feel it was important to take a hammer to her smart phones that may have provided more details?

So, I really don’t trust either candidate as president.

For me, it comes down to who (and which political party) do I want to select the next Supreme Court Justice’s? Both Ginsburg and Kennedy are in their 80’s and Breyer is 78. And we still haven’t replaced Scalia. We could have 4 new justices within the next four years.

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