Life is good and we’re busy, but I still recommend that you don’t buy a Lennar home!

Well it’s been almost two months since we moved into our new Lennar home. The frustration continues. Service is poor at best!. The person that was in charge of warranty has moved on so now I’m asked to log into a webpage to request a warranty service. The fact is that almost all my concerns have to do with the initial construction. The person that i was dealing with on some of the original repairs has asked me to use email for all fu

Here are some highlights: The wall next to the refrigerator is almost 2 1/2 inches out of plumb. The repair will affect the wall framing, the hardwood floor, the electrical switches, drywall, texture and paint.

The entire driveway has to be replaced. It has chips, cracks and is flaking off. When they poured the driveway, they either neglected to install a pipe under it to allow the irrigation pipes to meet the irrigation header (or it was damaged during construction). this means that my entire irrigation system runs around the back of my house, adding at least 75′ of additional hose. The pressure will be significantly less.

Irrigation system doesnt work. See above. When the driveway is repaired, the landscapers will have to come back and run new tubing to the irrigation header. This means they will rip up my front yard, back yard and the landscaping along the side of the driveway.

Still have two banister posts that are unpainted.

This is all still waiting to be fixed – Two months after closing.

I think that Lennar home builders are terrible!!

Don’t buy from Lennar!


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