3 days, 3 sports (or I love Colorado!)

I recently had a friend visit from Jersey. We had a great time skiing, fishing and playing golf. All in three days, all in Colorado.

My good friend Klaus and I have been friends for over 35 years. He and I have had some epic ski trips to Colorado over the years. We skied hard and played even harder after skiing. Lots of different ski areas, lots of hot tubs and drinks. We have shared some great times and have stories that we still laugh about.

We have also played a lot of golf together. We have just as many stories and even more golf trips. A few years ago, we traveled with another good friend to Scotland and had a chance to play several famous courses – including the Old Course at St Andrews. The memories we share are fantastic and I will always appreciate the time I’ve spent with him.

During our most recent trip, we skied Breckenridge on the first day, went fly fishing for trout with a guide the next and then golfed the third day. It was great fun and added a new dimension to our trip planning.

I have gone fly fishing in the past and the first fish I caught by myself was a little rainbow from the stream that ran behind my Grandparents little white house in Jacksonport Wisconsin. The rest of my fishing experience was limited over my 64 years. So when Klaus suggested Fly Fishing, I was so-so. As it turns out, fishing with Klaus and an Orvis guide (Breckenridge Outfitters – great guys!) was the highlight of the trip!  I was skunked but Klaus caught a beautiful 20″+ rainbow trout. More important than either of us catching fish, I had a blast and I was hooked on fly fishing! Since then, I have invested in my own gear and attended a few classes. Can’t wait for my first Colorado Trout.