3 days, 3 sports (or I love Colorado!)

I recently had a friend visit from Jersey. We had a great time skiing, fishing and playing golf. All in three days, all in Colorado.

My good friend Klaus and I have been friends for over 35 years. He and I have had some epic ski trips to Colorado over the years. We skied hard and played even harder after skiing. Lots of different ski areas, lots of hot tubs and drinks. We have shared some great times and have stories that we still laugh about.

We have also played a lot of golf together. We have just as many stories and even more golf trips. A few years ago, we traveled with another good friend to Scotland and had a chance to play several famous courses – including the Old Course at St Andrews. The memories we share are fantastic and I will always appreciate the time I’ve spent with him.

During our most recent trip, we skied Breckenridge on the first day, went fly fishing for trout with a guide the next and then golfed the third day. It was great fun and added a new dimension to our trip planning.

I have gone fly fishing in the past and the first fish I caught by myself was a little rainbow from the stream that ran behind my Grandparents little white house in Jacksonport Wisconsin. The rest of my fishing experience was limited over my 64 years. So when Klaus suggested Fly Fishing, I was so-so. As it turns out, fishing with Klaus and an Orvis guide (Breckenridge Outfitters – great guys!) was the highlight of the trip!  I was skunked but Klaus caught a beautiful 20″+ rainbow trout. More important than either of us catching fish, I had a blast and I was hooked on fly fishing! Since then, I have invested in my own gear and attended a few classes. Can’t wait for my first Colorado Trout.

Freaking Hackers ! – Repost

I receive an email alert that Hackers are trying to hack my site. For what? Nuisance? What a pain!
I check the ip address and see that almost everyone of them has a physical address in Russia.

What is the deal? are they just testing or is there some sinister plot? Why target this site? What possible motive? Sometimes I imagine that there is a Russian Hacking college and my site is targeted as a classroom project. Hack “Blogging4boomers” and receive an “A”!


We have a lot to be thankful for

It’s almost Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays of the year. It’s my time to reflect on the past year and the many events. Not all of life is positive and like most families, tragedy strikes when you least expect it. We lost a family member early this year to an unexpected brain aneurysm. Our daughter was involved in crash and spent several days in the hospital and some of our family members continue to struggle to find themselves and be self sufficient.

But there is a lot to be thankful for. We are in our new home, our business is prosperous and Di and I have good health. We are thankful that we are together. We are able to pay our bills and enjoy some of life’s small comforts. We count our blessings and know that family is foremost. We pray that things will be even better next year.

We wish you a Very Happy Thanksgiving holiday and hope that you also find much to be thankful for.

Small town, great atmosphere

We live in Colorado outside Denver. We love exploring new places and finding fun shops to visit and great restaurants to try. This past weekend, we visited Louisville Co.

This historic downtown area is a blast. We walked around the town on a perfect, sunny Saturday and visited the shops, restaurants and Art Galleries.  Our Favorite Gallery was the Walnut Gallery at 915 Walnut St. The owner was a pleasure to meet and he showed us several pieces we really enjoyed. We also enjoyed Creative Framing Art Gallery and Dona Laurita’s Gallery  – both on Main Street.

Some of the shops we enjoyed included Gifts at Coopers Corner, Little Horse Vintage and Books and Old Friends.

We tried two different restaurants and enjoyed both!  We had a pitcher of Margaritas with chips, salsa and guacamole at Pica’s Taqueria on Front Street. Great friendly service with good guacamole and salsa. The Margaritas went down very easily and were enjoyed by our party of four.

We really enjoyed our dinner at Zucca Italian Ristorante. The wait staff was friendly, helpful and very good at what they do. The food was fresh, hot and tasty. We sat outside and enjoyed the very pleasant evening with good friends.

This is the life! Hope your weekend was as nice.


Not much choice

There has been a lot of discussion about the two candidates and the general feeling of hopelessness that many voters feel. I am one of those that feel like we are in for a tough 4 years.

Donald Trump is scary to me:

Taxes – I dont think he is a genius because he (apparently!) hasn’t paid taxes for the past 18 years. I think he used the tax code to his benefit. We all do it and that’s ok. But if there were no issues, why not release them for view? Is he afraid that others might view him in a different light?

His off the cuff mockery of a disabled journalist –  What does it say about a presidential candidate that mocks someone with a physical handicap while on a podium in front of a large crowd? Clearly not the sort of person that I want to be our next president.

His attacks are personal –  He has a history of being a bully when criticized and I fear that he will alienate other world leaders. I fear that we as a country will suffer if Trump pisses off a foreign leader. War? I don’t know,  but I don’t feel he is stable when it comes to his decisions when he doesn’t get his way.

I don’t trust Hillary Clinton:

She is untrustworthy

I believe that she lied about the attack in Benghazi and I believe that she hid emails that were received on her private email server. Apparently there are over 30,000 missing emails. What happened to them? Why did she feel it was important to take a hammer to her smart phones that may have provided more details?

So, I really don’t trust either candidate as president.

For me, it comes down to who (and which political party) do I want to select the next Supreme Court Justice’s? Both Ginsburg and Kennedy are in their 80’s and Breyer is 78. And we still haven’t replaced Scalia. We could have 4 new justices within the next four years.

It’s been a while! or … key tip for “Loginizer”!

Hi all,

It’s been a while since i posted here. I had a bit of an issue getting back into my account. I was getting notice of all these attempted brute force attacks so I set my controls to lock out after two attempts and then lock them out for over 15 days. Ha! I forgot my password and locked myself out! Took me a while to get back in and reset my security! The Loginizer plugin works great but dont forget to whitelist your own IP address?

Who Needs an E-Bike?

Have you seen some of the new E-Bikes? They are awesome! Have had one for over 7 years  and need an upgrade. Look at kick starter and search e-bike. Also search e-bike with Google. These types of bikes are a blast to ride, get you outdoors and give you some exercise.

I live in Colorado and we have so many great bike paths. These are permitted on all of them as long as you are respectful of the other riders.  What does respectful mean? Well, try not to pass sweaty folks in bike shorts and colorful jerseys riding carbon framed bikes while wearing blue jeans and flip flops (and not peddling)! ha ha.

We’re Back!

It doesn’t seem to matter where we travel – and we love to travel –  it is always great to be home.

We spent 8 great days in the Southern California beach area – exploring from LA to San Diego. We loved checking out the coastal towns and beaches. We have two favorites; Pacific beach and Laguna beach.

We love the restaurants and shops of Laguna Beach. The variety is endless and upscale. We had a great meal while sitting on the Ces’t la vie’s heated patio while watching the surfers. Top notch service and really good food for a reasonable price. Ask for James and tell him we sent you. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Pacific beach is close to San Diego and has variety to spare. We loved this beach because it is a mini Venice Beach. Lots of variety to the shops but not as crazy and crowded. We had some great drinks and food at the Pacific Beach Ale house. Service was very good. We tried the Firehouse restaurant and found the service and atmosphere to be lacking.

We stayed in Del Mar for 5 nights. Del Mar is pricey and a bit snobbish. Heck, we’re just regular folks like you and we enjoy finding small restaurants in out of the way places. one treasure was a restaurant in Encinitas called Blue Ribbon Pizzeria. No hard alcohol but the beer was cold, the wine devine and the Pizza is out of this world. They make their own sausage!

Have a favorite Southern California spot you enjoyed? Post a reply and let us know!


Everyone needs a vacation!

So Dianna and I are taking an 8 day vacation. That’s tricky if you own your own business. It is especially tricky if you own a standard brick and mortar business. We own a commercial glass company with 47 employees. So getting any time away can cause stress. Here’s how we do it:

A –  designate one person to be in charge. We choose our Director of Operations. He is a director and check signor so he has significant authority to make decisions on our behalf.

B –  Check in often. I set it up that so that if I am needed, everyone feels comfortable to call, but only if really needed. At the same time, I make a point of calling in to see if there are any issues at least every other day.

C –  It’s a brave new world out there. I monitor all my accounts and email daily from my laptop.

D –  Trust those in charge. Obviously you need to do some time spent with prep work here but it pays dividends to develop a great team that you can trust.

…. and we are off to San Diego and Del Mar.


See you soon.