Who Needs an E-Bike?

Have you seen some of the new E-Bikes? They are awesome! Have had one for over 7 years  and need an upgrade. Look at kick starter and search e-bike. Also search e-bike with Google. These types of bikes are a blast to ride, get you outdoors and give you some exercise.

I live in Colorado and we have so many great bike paths. These are permitted on all of them as long as you are respectful of the other riders.  What does respectful mean? Well, try not to pass sweaty folks in bike shorts and colorful jerseys riding carbon framed bikes while wearing blue jeans and flip flops (and not peddling)! ha ha.

We’re Back!

It doesn’t seem to matter where we travel – and we love to travel –  it is always great to be home.

We spent 8 great days in the Southern California beach area – exploring from LA to San Diego. We loved checking out the coastal towns and beaches. We have two favorites; Pacific beach and Laguna beach.

We love the restaurants and shops of Laguna Beach. The variety is endless and upscale. We had a great meal while sitting on the Ces’t la vie’s heated patio while watching the surfers. Top notch service and really good food for a reasonable price. Ask for James and tell him we sent you. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Pacific beach is close to San Diego and has variety to spare. We loved this beach because it is a mini Venice Beach. Lots of variety to the shops but not as crazy and crowded. We had some great drinks and food at the Pacific Beach Ale house. Service was very good. We tried the Firehouse restaurant and found the service and atmosphere to be lacking.

We stayed in Del Mar for 5 nights. Del Mar is pricey and a bit snobbish. Heck, we’re just regular folks like you and we enjoy finding small restaurants in out of the way places. one treasure was a restaurant in Encinitas called Blue Ribbon Pizzeria. No hard alcohol but the beer was cold, the wine devine and the Pizza is out of this world. They make their own sausage!

Have a favorite Southern California spot you enjoyed? Post a reply and let us know!


Everyone needs a vacation!

So Dianna and I are taking an 8 day vacation. That’s tricky if you own your own business. It is especially tricky if you own a standard brick and mortar business. We own a commercial glass company with 47 employees. So getting any time away can cause stress. Here’s how we do it:

A –  designate one person to be in charge. We choose our Director of Operations. He is a director and check signor so he has significant authority to make decisions on our behalf.

B –  Check in often. I set it up that so that if I am needed, everyone feels comfortable to call, but only if really needed. At the same time, I make a point of calling in to see if there are any issues at least every other day.

C –  It’s a brave new world out there. I monitor all my accounts and email daily from my laptop.

D –  Trust those in charge. Obviously you need to do some time spent with prep work here but it pays dividends to develop a great team that you can trust.

…. and we are off to San Diego and Del Mar.


See you soon.

Life is good and we’re busy, but I still recommend that you don’t buy a Lennar home!

Well it’s been almost two months since we moved into our new Lennar home. The frustration continues. Service is poor at best!. The person that was in charge of warranty has moved on so now I’m asked to log into a webpage to request a warranty service. The fact is that almost all my concerns have to do with the initial construction. The person that i was dealing with on some of the original repairs has asked me to use email for all fu

Here are some highlights: The wall next to the refrigerator is almost 2 1/2 inches out of plumb. The repair will affect the wall framing, the hardwood floor, the electrical switches, drywall, texture and paint.

The entire driveway has to be replaced. It has chips, cracks and is flaking off. When they poured the driveway, they either neglected to install a pipe under it to allow the irrigation pipes to meet the irrigation header (or it was damaged during construction). this means that my entire irrigation system runs around the back of my house, adding at least 75′ of additional hose. The pressure will be significantly less.

Irrigation system doesnt work. See above. When the driveway is repaired, the landscapers will have to come back and run new tubing to the irrigation header. This means they will rip up my front yard, back yard and the landscaping along the side of the driveway.

Still have two banister posts that are unpainted.

This is all still waiting to be fixed – Two months after closing.

I think that Lennar home builders are terrible!!

Don’t buy from Lennar!


Really? A new 30 year mortgage at age 63?

My wife and I closed on our new home last week and finally got moved in.

As we begin this new chapter in our life, we contemplate the idea of taking on a mortgage of 30 years. I will be 63 in less than a month and my first payment is due on my birthday. 30 years from now, I will be 93. Sure hope I’m around to make that payment but odds are that I won’t be. Are we crazy?

What are our choices. Live in an apartment for the rest of our lives? Should we have stayed in our two bedroom condo that was not paid off?

It’s crazy to think about it sometimes.


Super Tuesday

Trump and Hillary?

Not much of a choice in my mind.

Lot’s of rhetoric about “Staying the course”. Can Bernie really stay until the convention? Will Rubio prayerfully consider throwing his support to Cruz?

An what is up with Christie? He looks like he needs help! One commentator said it best: “He needs an Exit Strategy!”.

If your like me, you have watched all the drama for 11 elections!

Lennar homes Customer Service sucks!

Gee Wiz!

Have you noticed that people that are supposed to be working for your behalf don’t really care anymore? We are building a new home with Lennar in Colorado and in our humble opinion, their customer service sucks.

We missed our original closing date by over 3 months. The fact that we had to pay additional money for a month to month lease was barely acknowledged by the senior management team. When we finally did get a closing date, they didn’t have the house completed enough for the appraiser to complete his work prior to close. We did two “prior to closing” walk throughs and both times left feeling that our concerns were marginalized and if we didn’t like the home quality, tough!

We were asked for additional information (which they acknowledged we sent them already) at 1:18 on a Friday afternoon when we were scheduled to close on the following Monday at 10:30. We rushed home ( we were on the last pre-close walk through) and got the documents to them by 3:50 in the afternoon. Now it’s Saturday we still don’t have final closing docs, we don’t know if were closing and if we do close, where we will close.  No calls, no emails!  And …. if we do get to close, we will have to run to the bank and get a certified check. What a bunch of BS!!!

Lennar homes customer service sucks!

What about that debate?

Marco Rubio was declared the winner of last nights GOP debate. Who knows? Can he really beat Trump?

Donald Trump looked a bit flustered. Marco Rubios’ attacks about Trumps  legal settlement with a labor union regarding illegal Polish laborers used in the construction of one o his towers was masterful and hit Trump hard.

And then there was the issue of showing his taxes. It is obvious that he has completely flipped on this issue. Last year he said he would show them , now he says he cant? Even Mitt Romney tweeted ‎@MittRomney  Methinks the Donald doth protest too much. Show voters your back taxes, @realDonaldTrump.